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The DMO-Card is a digital health passport and a secured, efficient and quick way to carry at all times your own medical data in every circumstances (business trips, holidays, trips abroad, sports activities, at school, etc.).


Your medical record is computerised, secured, editable and readable in different languages from any computer connected to the Internet.
The DMO-Card is updated by the patient himself, if necessary with the assistance of his treating doctor.

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What is the DMO-Card?
DMO-Card (Dossier Médical Online) is a personal and standardised health card whose purpose is to collect all data pertaining to your health. The card can then include your complete medical record.
Who is the DMO-Card for?
The DMO-Card is designed for everyone looking to control his own health.
Which are the benefits of the DMO-Card?
The DMO-Card allows you to collect and save all your medical data in a single file. You no longer need to spend hours searching for your immunisation card or for other documents you only use occasionally. Save the data related to your blood type, your allergies... You can from now on access this data with your code and password. Get access to all this information when you are abroad. Get a copy of all your medical records in one single click.
Is there any difference between the member login and the emergency?
The member login allows every person to access his complete record. In this section, you will be able to enter all your personal data and to modify it. The emergency login allows medical professionals to access all the information defined by the user as public and visible. Nobody will be able to change your profile and its information. This section will be strictly available in read-onlymode and can be printed.
What happens if I lose my card?
If you lose your card, please send us an email so that we can block your card. You will then be able to order a new replacement card.
May I put my children on MY DMO-Card?
Unfortunately no, the DMO-Card is personal and individual.
Who is in charge of entering the data on My DMO-Card?
You are in charge of your own DMO-Card. You can enter your data alone or with the assistance of your treating doctor.
May I enter the medical data of another person?
Yes, provided that this person allows you to do so, or if you are his/her legal guardian.
When should I update my data?
We recommend you to update your data every six months, or following a hospitalisation or an event that required the intervention of an emergency services.
May I delete my DMO-Card record?
Yes, it is always possible to erase your data upon simple written request using your registration email address.
How can medical professionals access my
The information must be shared by the card holder or by the person(s) who are with him/her.


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